Letter to a friend in New York

Change beckons … The black wedding suit!

Γράφει : O Νικόλαος Γεωργαντζάς

Dear Asher,

This is wonderful! It shows that you still care.

And it also shows how little you might have understood during you stint work at The Federation. Please note that I do not call it hellenic for it is not; just The Federation!

That is exactly what all the people –both bad and good– that you mention below call it. To them, it is just The Federation, but it reminds me of a little black wedding suit.

You see, about 2,500 years ago, a bunch of people on the land now called Hellas had a rather unique social experience, creating the so-called ‘hellenic cosmosystem’. In addition to containing different self-governance forms based on liberty, this hellenic cosmosystem also incorporated some very basic ideas, which still prevail in our modern temporality, such as, for example, the idea of ‘politics’.

Through time, this hellenic cosmosystem became something that other civilizations loved to borrow from. No, they could not take the whole thing.

They could not take the whole thing because the whole thing was like a huge black wedding suit; too big for them. So they had to use only vary small fragments of its fabric, in order to tailor their very own black wedding suit, one that would fit them well and would not be too huge for them.

That is exactly what The Federation is. The Federation is that very small, tiny black wedding suit, tailored to the size of the very people who tailored it themselves to fit their size. Unfortunately, however, this very small, tiny black wedding suit feels ever smaller, tiny indeed, whenever the Greeks of our modern temporality try it on.

The Greeks of our modern temporality cannot possibly survive while wearing such a tiny black wedding suit. They cannot breath in it, they cannot walk in it and, above all, they cannot parade on 5th Avenue in it.

The tiny black wedding suit that the Greeks of our modern temporality found in New York City is simply chocking them all. But, for some strange reason, they never even consider redesigning this tiny black wedding suit to fit their size.

Only you did. Your note below shows that you have thought about this very carefully.

But are you a good taylor Asher? Think you can provide the additional fabric, and at precisely the right places, mind you, required to redesign the tiny black wedding suit, so that it can feel comfortable on the still bulky Greeks of our modern temporality?

Good luck to you. It might be easier to schedule for the grand tour around the headquarters of the hellenic cosmosystem. Hay, maybe there you can find the missing fabric fragments that The Federation needs.

I am wishing you all the best,


PS: Here is a sample picture of the hellenic cosmosystem. Look at it and see if you can identify all the missing fabric fragments that The Federation needs:

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